Verano Azul - the tv-series filmed in Nerja

Nerja 30 years ago...

See the clip mostly from Burriana Beach and Balcòn de Europa

Verano azul (Blue Summer) was a famous Spanish television show directed by Antonio Mercero that first aired in 1981.

It tells of the adventures of a group of youngsters between ages 9 and 17, while on summer vacation in Nerja, a small town on the Mediterranean Costa del Sol, Andalusia, in Southern Spain. The series, with 19 episodes that drew up to 20 million viewers in Spain, has been re-run almost every summer since then. It has left a deep impact over several generations of viewers and has become part of Spain's common cultural memory. It was also broadcast in Latin America, Portugal, France and some Slavic countries like Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Poland and Czechoslovakia. The show was produced by the Spanish state broadcaster TVE (which was the only television network available in Spain until 1983), and it was originally broadcast on its then main channel TVE1 from October 11, 1981 to February 14, 1982.

Part of chapter 15 "The Idol".

This episode was mostly filmed at Balcòn de Europa.

Bruno, a handsome singer and teenage heartthrob, comes to town to shoot a video. Bea and Desi are mad about him and the boys are jealous. Bruno is famous, handsome and rich but not happy and takes refuge at night on the beach where he meets Chanquete and admits the reality of his life.

"The Idol" was mostly filmed at Balcòn de Europa

31 Mar 2014

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